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latuacurandera operatore olistico
la tua curandera

Release  •  Relax  • Heal

I learn from life's experiences to know my limits, to bring my fears to light and rediscover the essence, without getting lost inside.

La Tua Curandera

is born from the instinct that is in me: to take care of the next one. I received the gift of "listening" and my treatments start from here, through massages, crystals and pure essential oils.

I only use products from the BeC line. Nature.  At the basis of every BeC formula there is respect for the balance of our body but also for the planet in which we live.

The products are formulated with the purest natural ingredients, are free of products of animal origin or that have caused suffering, are free of GMOs and are all certified Vegetarian Quality and V-Label Vegan.

Facial Treatments

Synthonie massage

Body Treatments

Stress & Tension

Emotional path

Mud therapy

la tua curandera


Essences meet crystals. 
A journey into the world of BeC essential oils,

vibrations and the psychic universe of crystals to rediscover harmony.

What they say about me

You Simo have a gift: it's not just what passes from the heart to the hands,

but to open a way to make people understand that physical discomfort is only a signal,

in reality the discomfort is that of the soul.

The energy you transmit offers a unique opportunity to heal the wounds of the spirit.

Who knows how to grasp the vibrations that are felt in that little corner that is your world,

walks towards a well-being of body and mind 💫

Christine D.

oli essenziali

"You shouldn't heal the Body

without healing the Soul."


Release   Relax    Heal



it is received ONLY by appointment

• Via C. Cattaneo, 10 - Lissone - MB - IT
• Av. Isidoro Macabich - Ivissa -  SP

   +39 338.4016248
   P. VAT 07858690974


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