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My Story...

I'm Simona, my first day of work at the age of 15 was in a laundry, I stayed in that laundry for a day, because that morning the woman who later became my owner of a beauty center in Monza entered, where I stayed for 19 years. There I learned the work in the aesthetic booth, I liked it and I was good at it. Over the years I began to approach massage and in 2006, when I met "good natured", a magical world opened up to me, products highly qualifiedpure essential oils and an academy where I learned, and still learn, theTCM philosophy joined to oriental techniques and westerners. In all these years, 35 to be exact, I have continued to seek to follow what my instincts told me, the signals of my body, so, after the first pandemic, I began to develop my dream: to devote myself completely to my massages , I opened my Instagram page "latuacurandera" and I waited. The first few times I suffered, as in all things when you start a change, because this meant giving up a huge slice of customers who were interested only  in traditional aesthetics.

I held on and continued mine personal growth path, coming to understand more and more that my nature is this, help people feel better.I was born like this... I still have the elementary school report where the teacher wrote  "Simona is always ready to help her classmates..." .

Today I am happy, my dream is growing day by day with great satisfaction. I believe that, beyond the technique, the difference in a job like mine is the face the person you are, empathy you must have it in your DNA otherwise you will never get to "TO HEAR", what  allows to connect with the soul of people. I owe all this transformation also to my splendid team, my family, Enzo and Elena, without them it would have been more difficult,  they are my first followers, they encourage and esteem me and above all I they love with a pure love.

"IF YOU WANT YOU CAN" word of La Tua Curandera 💙

la tua curandera - chi sono

My Philosophy...

My philosophy is to accompany my clients towards a Welfare aware and lasting... I take them by the hand with firmness and seriousness (from this photo it can be deduced that this characteristic is inherent in me😅), I don't promise miracles but I'm sure I can do some well being my mission.

I love the products I use because they give me the opportunity to work in absolute safety. BeC nature is a company that has been around for 40 years and their products are100% made in Italy, essential oils and all raw material they use are free of toxins and pollutants, they do not contain nickel, lead, heavy metals, allergens, parabens, formaldehyde, bacteria, fungi, etc. ... Furthermore they are certificates"vegetarian quality" trademark of the Italian Vegetarian Association.

My pride is their effectiveness: BeC natura products really work!!! 

Release   Relax    Heal

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